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About Sterling Heights


Sterling Heights, the second-largest city in the Detroit area, sits approximately 23 miles from downtown Detroit. Drivers can reach downtown Detroit in about 30 minutes by taking Interstate 75 South. The city has a median household income higher than Michigan's average. People often visit this safe, blue-collar area for the city's well-known festivals and annual events.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Sterling Heights houses a wide array of restaurant types, including Italian, American and Asian eateries. The city has no central restaurant location, but diners can find numerous sit-down restaurants on Van Dyke Avenue,

Grab breakfast, brunch or an early dinner at The Pantry Restaurant, a family-owned establishment that opens its doors daily from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The chefs make many dishes from scratch, and the menu contains a mixture of familiar favorites, such as pancakes, French toast and unique options, like asparagus-stuffed omelets. This restaurant tops its sweet-potato pancakes with fluffy marshmallows to create a dish reminiscent of the popular Thanksgiving dinner side.

Residents enjoy hearty, made-to-order sandwiches at Ventimiglia Italian Foods, a small but fast restaurant known for its friendly service. The fresh pasta pairs nicely with an order of meatballs, and locals recommend adding hot peppers to the hard-roll sandwiches for a hint of spicy flavor. If you prefer to cook at home, you can purchase some handmade ravioli noodles and prepare your own dish.

Fill up on authentic Middle Eastern dips and dishes at Kabob Hut, an eatery with a large menu that includes everything from falafel to lamb chops. Try a refreshing, raw-juice smoothie with an herb-infused entree or a savory spinach pie.

At night, local residents head to Gator Jake's Bar and Grill for budget-friendly draft beers and Cajun fries. Blo Hookah Bar plays bass-heavy music as guests lounge on comfy couches and sample different hookah flavors. Folks who appreciate an intimate setting can listen to live performances at Freedom Hill Amphitheater, a small, well-maintained music venue in Sterling Heights.

History and Culture

Sterling Heights has transformed from an agricultural area that produced a large volume of rhubarb to a suburban, family-friendly city. It officially became incorporated in 1968, and the area has grown from approximately 4,000 residents to around 130,000 inhabitants over the last 75 years. The area was named by 24/7 Wall Street as one of "America's 50 Best Places to Live."

Several museums and educational venues sit within a 30-minute drive from Sterling Heights, including the German-American Cultural Center. The center regularly hosts dances, banquets and concerts. The city values the arts and displays sculptures by well-known artists at the Sterling Heights City Center.

Folks from all over Michigan attend popular annual events in Sterling Heights, including the Memorial Day Parade and the American-Polish Festival. Guests of all ages can attend these events.


Residents commute across Sterling Heights via personal automobile, cab or bus. Adult bus fare costs around $2 for fixed routes and $4 for routes that require a mid-trip connection with other transit companies. SMART offers decreased rates for children and senior citizens. Folks can hail a cab in downtown Detroit, but residents of Sterling Heights call local cab companies, like Red Dot, in advance to schedule a pickup.

Residents can walk through some parts of Sterling Heights, but accessing the city by car or bike is safer. The city has several dedicated bike lanes where bikers can ride beside folks in automobiles, and bikers can also use the city's sidewalks, when available. Uber services the entire city of Sterling Heights, as well as surrounding cities. Interstate 53 runs through the center of Sterling Heights, so residents who travel by automobile can quickly access neighboring communities.


Sterling Heights has a lower cost of living than the city of Detroit. Median rent costs around $682 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, while gas prices sit approximately 11 percent lower than the national average. Locals who use public transportation to commute to the city's center pay between $2 and $4 for the trip. Meanwhile, a draft beer costs around $3 at a pub.


Shoppers find luxury items from stores such as Macy's and Lord and Taylor at Lakeside Mall, a shopping center filled with department stores, restaurants and specialty shops. Godiva Chocolatier sells gourmet goodies such as truffles and candy bars, and Coffee Bean Plus provides a variety of caffeinated beverages. Folks who venture beyond the mall can visit Nadia's Boutique for affordable alterations and formal attire or stop by The Beauty Den and Zeeg Baby for fashionable women's clothing, including plus-sized shirts and pants, as well as handmade baby accessories.

Residents fill their carts with groceries at Max's or VG's Grocery. The city also provides several specialty grocery stores with a focus on foods from different parts of the world, including Sahara Market and International Food. Residents recommend the ground lamb and artisanal cheeses at International Food.

Sterling Heights does not host a farmers market, but the city includes several produce stands. During the summer and fall, locals buy farm-fresh produce from Irma's Vegetables, a vegetable stand within the city's limits. Shoppers can visit several farmers markets throughout the Detroit area, including the Mount Clemens Farmers Market and the Northern Farm Market.


Sterling Heights has multiple parks and recreation centers scattered throughout the area, such as Clinton River Park. Parks do not charge admission except when special events take place, and some parks sell snacks and beverages. Parents can bring their little ones to the area's parks so the kids can climb on the equipment or take a trip down the slides, and many of the parks welcome furry, four-legged friends.

The city does not have any parks specifically geared toward fitness-minded folks, but visitors can walk the trails or bring a blanket for yoga or pilates in the spacious, grassy fields. Many parks hold practice sessions for youth sports, including baseball and soccer. Rammier Golf Course and Plumbrook Golf Course provide affordable, convenient places for golf fans to practice their stroke.

None of the parks host annual events, but sometimes parks in the area host family-friendly concerts and festivals. Adults who wish to register for fee-based programs hosted at any of the local parks, such as summer camps, can do so online by visiting the city's official parks and recreation website.