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About Pontiac


Pontiac has played a crucial role in the success of the American automobile industry. This suburb of Detroit serves as home to many blue-collar auto workers who labor in the local plants and keep the assembly line moving and churning out high-quality muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang.

Residents display a fierce loyalty to the area and to the companies that have provided them with a competitive salary and allowed them to feed and clothe their families. Despite a rocky past, you will encounter a city teeming with hope and potential. Entrepreneurs from around the state and beyond are flocking to the area to turn their ideas into reality and re-energize the city.

With so much room for growth and improvement, combined with a real sense of local pride, you can sense that the city is on the cusp of becoming great once again.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Downtown Pontiac is becoming a mecca for great dining and craft beers.

Fillmore 13 is a restaurant and brewery located in downtown Pontiac, Michigan. Our mission is to bring together great people in order to enjoy great beer and food! We serve ales and lagers brewed in our in-house 7 BBL system, along with delicious brick oven pizzas, sandwiches and more. Come visit us and join in the fun!

The new Exferimentation Brewing Company can be described this way: At Exferimentation Brewing Company, we love beer, you love beer; so, let’s hook up. We’ve spent countless hours in the lab perfecting recipes and pushing the boundaries of what beer can be. We look forward to sharing our exclusive craft brews with you in our relaxed tasting room or filling your growler with something to remember.

Looking for a place to kick up your heels and enjoy the local nightlife? Elektricity Nightclub spins music every night and hosts small and local acts. If you have a taste for guitar solos, giant drum sets and all the other trappings of heavy-rock bands, then you have found your home. Come out to support up-and-coming acts, and enjoy a few beers.

If you crave a more low-key night on the town, there are plenty of bars and pubs where you can have a drink and enjoy some good conversation. The Green Tavern draws in locals with its friendly atmosphere and large selection of local brews and domestic beers.

History and Culture

While Pontiac is now a combination of residential and industrial areas, it began as one of the earliest settlements in Michigan. The city's namesake, Chief Pontiac, was a famous Ottawa war chief who made his mark on the Great Lakes region by leading fighters in the struggle against British occupation and during the French and Indian War. His efforts helped shape the history of this area.

The city of Pontiac existed as small, quiet settlement until 1909 when General Motors opened its first plant in the area and eventually started manufacturing Pontiac cars. For over 25 years, the city also hosted the Detroit Lions NFL team at Silverdome Stadium. When the team moved back to Detroit, the local economy suffered a big loss.

Annual activities include the Woodward Dream Cruise, which draws people from around the world for a weekend of classic cars.


The major expressway I-75 runs north and south through Pontiac, and can get you to downtown Detroit in about 20 minutes. SMART buses also offer affordable public transportation throughout the city for $2.00 a ride. Hailing a cab might be a little difficult. Taxis service the city, but it may be hard to find one at your beck and call. Uber offers another affordable option.

Plenty of free on-street parking and large parking decks located downtown make it easy to get out and explore the sites. Walking and biking may prove a little more difficult once you are outside of the pockets of residential subdivisions and the downtown area. The sprawling city has a sidewalk system that has yet to be fully connected, so if you are on your bike, you may find gaps that force you on busy roads.


The cost of living runs lower than the local average, and a one-bedroom apartments costs $630. A short bus ride places you squarely in the center of downtown for the nominal fee of $2.00. If you head out for a beer, expect to pay about $4 for a tall frosty mug of the local favorite, Labatt Blue. Gas prices typically fall about 10 percent below the national average, saving you some money at the pump.


Pontiac used to be a shopping destination, but many of those shops and malls have closed business and moved out of the city. Luckily, a 15-minute drive north puts you at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall. Explore dozens of outlets stores, and be sure stop in for an afternoon of picking out some cold-weather clothes at Bass Pro Shops.

Other local specialty stores include Solei, which offers modern, edgy clothing for both men and women. From leather pants to sheer tops, this shop can help you take your style from drab to daring.

For a great deal and the chance to make the old new again, stop by Antoinett's Urban Chic Vintage shop. Sift through the packed shelves and racks to find incredible pieces that will compliment your wardrobe and make for great conversation starters.

Pontiac residents can visit the local Meijer to pick up groceries, prescriptions, toiletries and a whole host of other household items. This chain store is a favorite among locals and carries its own brand of low-cost groceries. During the summer months, residents visit the Oakland County Farmer's Market on three different days of the week to pick up local produce and handmade arts and crafts.


With eight different local parks, residents have their choice of prime places to visit for a variety of free, family-friendly, outdoor activities. Galloway Lake Park offers baseball fields, horseshoe pits and fishing from both a dock and the shore. To take your turn on the half-pipe, visit the Oakland County Skate Park, which also features basketball and tennis parks. All the parks are sport-centric and often full of baseball and softball leagues going head to head during the summer.