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About Novi

Let the professional real estate salespeople at Cherry Hill Real Estate help you navigate the stresses of the real estate market.


Novi, to the northwest of Detroit, features plenty of golf courses, massage parlours and shopping malls. The neighborhood includes Suburban Collection Showplace, which hosts events and trade shows, such as art fairs, train expos and automobile displays.

Novi is about 29 miles northwest of Detroit and has become one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan with over 1,600 businesses. It is also a hub for some of the best primary and secondary schools in Michigan.

Restaurants and Nightlife

If you want to provoke your elegant indulgences, go to Novi Chophouse , where the ambiance is fancifully mysterious and the food is delectable. Pair your steak and lobster with the highly acclaimed creamed spinach or gruyere mac and cheese. The restaurant also has a lengthy wine list to accent your meal of choice.

Novi is known for its slew of ethic eateries, one of the most beloved being Indo Fusion . The authentic restaurant is particularly known for its Goan food, derived from a Portuguese colony in India. All of Goan dishes prove to be extremely popular. Even the decor makes you feel as though you are on the beaches of Goa.

Novi nightlife overflows with action. Locals frequent 29 Park, located on Main Street. The trendy-chic club features a DJ, dress code, full bar and VIP lounge. If you prefer a modern atmosphere and love to dance, this is the place to be. Locals also adore Stayin Alive, a club that allows you to dance back into time with '70s, '80s and '90s music. The funky decor adds the perfect touches to this unique place.

History and Culture

The city of Novi started growing significantly in 1959. Ten years later, Novi had officially grown from a village to a city. Upon this transition, citizens voted to form the city's first commission.

Novi is a diverse community, with a large population of Indian and South Asian inhabitants. This led to the development of the Sri Venkateswara Temple and Cultural Center.

In Novi, you also find the Motorsports Hall of Fame, home to more than 40 elite performing vehicles. The museum has an ever-changing collection that includes Indy cars, stock cars and racing snowmobiles, to name a few. This museum offers an excellent representation of the Motor City.

Every year, the Suburban Collection Showplace on Grand River Avenue hosts the Great Lakes Art Fair, featuring the art and craftsmanship of locals.


An automobile ranks as the number one method for residents to travel in Novi, with most parking being free.

Ride SMART, the city's bus transportation system can get you around Novi, as well as to other Metro Detroit cities. The fare ranges from $1 to $4 for ages 6 through 18, $2 to $4 for ages 19 to 64, and 50 cents to $1 for seniors 65 or older.

Cab rides are available by calling and scheduling pick up. Lyft and Uber are viable options if you prefer. The famed Twelve Oaks Mall and various clubs/restaurants provide free parking for customers.

Depending on where you live in Novi, walking is an option in warmer weather. Locals do walk during the summer months if they live relatively close to their destination. Novi is an eco-friendly neighborhood, so you can expect to see bikers on the roads. In fact, the city of Novi has pedestrian and biking facilities in progress that stretch for 225 miles.


The cost of living in Novi is 18.7 percent greater than the Michigan average and 37 percent more expensive than living in Detroit. The average cost for renting a one-bedroom apartment is $900 per month. You can find apartments above and below this price based on your needs.

The average cost for a beer at a pub ranges from $2 to $5. Most bars do host happy hours, though, bringing prices down even further. The Library Sports Pub and Grill runs a different happy hour special daily. For instance, on Thursdays you can order a domestic beer on tap for $2.50.

The average price for regular gas in Novi is just a bit lower than the national average.


Twelve Oaks Mall is the largest, most popular mall in the area. It is two levels and contains nearly 200 stores. The Novi Town Center remains a busy spot, too. This strip mall consists of both high- and low-end stores as well as coffee shops and restaurants. They even offer horse-drawn carriage rides during the holiday season.

Locals love Posh Boutique, which carries women's clothing and accessories, including scarves and jewelry. Clothes Mentor is also a big hit. It is a resale store where women can find fashionable clothing at reasonable prices.

Grocery stores in the area include Kroger and Busch's Fresh Food Market. You can also find One World Market, which is a Japanese grocery store. The Civic Center Campus holds a local farmer's market every Saturday.


Novi has three major parks. Lakeshore Park, the largest, provides a 10-mile bike trail, a beach on Walled Lake and jungle gyms for kids. The park was designed to give visitors that "Up North" feeling without having to travel all the way "up North." The park operates with a full staff available Memorial through Labor Day. It is free for Novi residents and only $5 for non-residents. Residents are also fond of Novi City Parks and Recreation, located on West 10 Mile Road. This park remains open to the public from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00p.m.

Paradise Park operates all year and hosts a number of events, including holiday and birthday parties. The park even caters to corporate and non-profit occasions. It houses an indoor facility with arcade games, go karts and laser tag for reasonable prices. The outdoor accommodations include cozy picnic gazebos. The park can provide a full menu for your gathering, while the cost varies based on what you need for your event. The park accepts business from non-residents, and the hours vary by season.


  • Your Cherry Hill Real Estate salesperson will meet with you to discuss the current market conditions and come up with an effective marketing campaign for your property.
  • Using a Comparable Market Analysis, they can work with you to establish the proper price point.
  • We will make sure your property is shown on multiple platforms and websites, giving your property the largest possible reach.
  • Listing the property through the multi-listing services will also help create new opportunties with real estate professionals across Metro Detroit.
  • Having success during a negotiation is more than just luck or charm. It requires an certain skills to bring about successful conclusion.
  • Your Cherry Hill Real Estate professional is there to help you stay on point with your eye on the objective.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate will also make sure to work with you to make sure all paperwork is presented in a timely manner, helping to make the sale smooth and less stressful.


  • Cherry Hill Real Estate's greatest goal is to help private and institutional property owners and tenants with their real estate and commercial brokerage needs. Cherry Hill Real Estate will go the extra mile to understand each client’s individual needs, and then apply our skills, experience and market knowledge to meet their objectives. Whether you are a small business looking for your first office, a prominent manufacturer trying to locate the ideal production facility, or an investor looking for the right opportunity, Cherry Hill Real Estate can help.
  • The role of the new real estate professional in this modern era is to interpret and analyze this wealth of information for their clients.
  • It is with this goal in mind that Cherry Hill Real Estate operates. We are committed to serving our clients by applying our expertise and knowledge of the markets in which we operate to meet or exceed their expectations.

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    Real Estate Leasing

    Cherry Hill Real Estate represents clients’ worldwide with their lease properties.

  • Using our extensive network of advertising options, we will work to streamline an often-time overwhelming process.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate will work quickly and efficiently to introduce your property to the rental marketplace and cast a wide net for potential tenants.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate’s team will work with you to create a marketing strategy unique to your needs, start social media campaigns and all the advertising sources we know will make the biggest impact.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate presence in the market puts us in a special position to expand the reach and awareness of your property well beyond that of a traditional leasing company.
  • Let Cherry Hill Real Estate help you turn your rental into a high-demand property with an emphasis on great renters!

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    Property Management

    Residential | Commercial

    Cherry Hill Real Estate gives our clients a variety of property management services backed by our almost 30 years of experience and knowledge of our market.

  • In assuming our management responsibilities we work with the client to define goals
  • The scope and experience of our staff allows you to have a specialized team at work on your property’s needs. As a result, you will not find an organization more qualified to handle both the operational and financial management of your property’s physical and financial assets.

  • "You manage your life. We'll manage your properties!"

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    Facilities Management

    Cherry Hill Real Estate’s Facilities Management Team offers a facility management solution for both industrial and commercial clients. Cherry Hill has almost 30 years of management experience and we utilize an integrated facilities management program that allows us to deliver superior support services more proficiently.

  • The Cherry Hill approach to facilities management focuses on creating value for our client, through traditional services and helping to free up capital that may be sent on a full-time employee.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate’s Facilities Management Team considers this as an integral part of our facility management services.
  • Our in-house teams, and stable of technical experts, can help your business implement building services and equipment management that can head off possible emergencies, optimize the value, facility operating costs and reliability, while at the same time, providing a comfortable, safe and productive work space for your employees and your clients!

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