In today's market, Customer Service needs to be King!

I was reminded today about the importance of Customer Service in today’s business climate.


My experience was going into the Papa Joe’s grocery by the office and going to the only register with a person in front of it.  He was counting his drawer and looked up at me and said, “I’m sorry, I’m not open yet.”  This was 45 minutes after they opened.


I then looked around and asked him who I should pay then?  He just shrugged.  Finally, the Customer Service Manager saw what was going on and took me at Service Desk.  I saw him quickly go over to the “busy” cashier as I was leaving. 


Hopefully to mention that he should be open 45 minutes after the store opens.


It also makes me look internally, into Cherry Hill Real Estate | Aspect Properties.  I don’t think we always pay enough attention to our clients and get wrapu.1.000047-0056-001269.jpgped up in our own “busy-ness”.  This is wrong and something that we will continue to work on as we move forward.


Changes happen in businesses every day and we are no different.  It is incumbent upon us to slow down and listen to our clients.  It is our duty as a service business.


So, if you have ever called and felt you were “bothering” us, I want to apologize.  This is unacceptable and I promise we will get better.


If you ever have an issue with our Customer Care Team, please go to our contact page and let me know what the issue was.  I promise I will take it serious and work to make things better!