How do I make my rental space my own

Ok, so, you get the keys to your new place and the first thing you think is, “what a beautiful beige box, I don’t want to change a thing!”


Of course, that doesn’t actually happen, if you are like 99.9% of people in the world, you are going to want your space to feel like, well, your space.  So, what is the best way to make it your own without jeopardizing your security deposit?


One of the first steps is to talk to your landlord or property manager.  There might be a list of rules regarding to what you can do to the space.  Can you paint it?  Can you take down all the lights and replace them with lava lamps?  Well, those are questions best asked ahead of time.  The cost to put things back to the way they were might be a shock if you don’t.


Painting a room is always a tricky thing.  You might like 2018’s Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet, but your landlord might not be a fan.  Most landlords and property managers don’t have too much of a problem with you painting a room a neutral color. 


Some are fine with any color, as long as you return it in the beige you received it in.


So, what are some more landlord friendly ways of making your space yours?


1)      Temporary Decorations


Removable wallpaper is a great way to give your home texture and color without making your landlord drop dead from the shock.  Using adhesive hanging strips are also a great way to put up your artwork without leaving large holes that may cause extra work to return the home to rentable condition and that wouldn’t be covered under normal-wear-and-tear.


Some people have also suggested leaning mirrors and artwork on a dresser against the wall.  This way, making switches is a breeze.


2)     Add Color!


Even if your landlord will not let you paint the rental property, you can add pops of color throughout the space with accessories such as rugs, pillows and artwork.


Accessories are portable and easy to change with the season and your moods.


3)     Get a Plant


Something live and beautiful in your home can make it feel more personal.  If your thumb is more black than green, start with plants that are simple to maintain.


Just because you don’t own the home you are living in doesn’t mean it isn’t your space.  Take the time to make it feel like your own and then you and the landlord will be happy!


Brian DiBartolomeo is the owner/broker of Cherry Hill Real Estate | Aspect Properties in Pontiac, Michigan.  CHRE helps investors find new properties and provides property management services throughout the Metro Detroit Area.