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Well, we are moving into the spring rental season, which begins the crazy period in real estate. It is also time to think about rental curb appeal, something most landlords don't think about.


Realtors have told clients forever about curb appeal when trying to sell their home. Why wouldn't you do the same to get it rented quicker and, possibly, for more money?


The cost to clean up a typical rental home's curb appeal in the Metro Detroit area is pretty inexpensive.


Suggestions include:Cherry Hill Real Estate | Curb Appeal

  • Making sure the gutters are cleaned out.  (Curb appeal and good maintenance).
    • Around $100
  • Removing weeds from the driveway, walkways and flower beds.
    • 2 – 3 hours, about $100
  • Power washing the house, either all or it, or especially the front and patio.
    • Depending on area, from $50 - $300
  • Laying down some new mulch and;
    • Install 5 bags of mulch would be about $100
  • Adding a few small bushes and/or flowers.
    • This would be less than $50

Not all items need to be done of course, you can decide on your own or ask a local professional for their opinion.


We did a curb appeal on a house in Warren that had sat for almost 6 weeks.  We cleaned out the beds, added mulch and flowers and rented the house in 2 days for $50 more a month.  For that owner, they made $600 for an initial investment of $250.  There are not many updates that have as good a return.


Let us know if you want us to quote a spring curb appeal make-over for you and we would be happy to do it for you!


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