The City of Detroit cracks down on landlords.

The city of Detroit is cracking down on landlords in the past 6 months or so. 

However, extremely high requirement items such as yearly lead based paint plans and more are the reason why landlords are trying to bypass registering their properties. 

Add the tenants, who have a hard time making the rent payments on a consistent basis, and it becomes an issue where poor tenants are being evicted by landlords who don't have the money to make the necessary repairs or pay the fees. 

Other cities, including Warren, Eastpointe and Hazel Park also have very strict requirements for landlords. Basically, a landlords house has to be the nicest house on the block. Otherwise, the inspection fees, re-inspection fees, fines and more can put tremendous pressure on the landlord's finances. 

Many of the landlords purchased their investment without a large nest egg to make sure they can maintain it to ever changing city regulations and would rather default on their own loans. 

Putting Metro Detroit back in the position it was in many years ago....foreclosures, evictions, lost tax revenue, etc.


For more information, read this story from the Detroit News.