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About Harper Woods

Let the professional real estate salespeople at Cherry Hill Real Estate help you navigate the stresses of the real estate market.


Harper Woods, a culturally diverse city in Wayne County, sits on the eastern edge of the Detroit metropolitan area. Approximately 34 percent of the city's residents have school-aged children or toddlers, and the area has numerous family-friendly restaurants, parks and shopping centers. A 15-to-20-minute drive on Interstate 94 East takes residents on a 12-mile trip to downtown Detroit, where they can visit museums, concert halls and sporting venues.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Harper Woods houses plenty of familiar chains but residents can also visit an assortment of family-owned establishments and cozy diners. The city does not have a central restaurant location, but locals can choose from the cluster of chain restaurants and one-of-a-kind eateries on Vernier Road.

If you want some authentic Italian fare, stop by Nona's Pizzeria for old-fashioned, handmade pizza and meat-stuffed calzones. Order an entire deep-dish pie for your family, or grab a slice or two for yourself. The locals recommended requesting an order of cheese-covered bread with your order.

Slip into your best clothes before visiting Royal Eagle Restaurant, an upscale dining establishment known for its elegant atmosphere and flavorful Russian dishes. The popular restaurant only serves dinner one day a week, so reserve your table several months in advance to ensure that you don't miss a chance to try the tender, pastry-wrapped beef Wellington or an order of marinated lamb kebabs. Make sure to take home a decadent slice of Napoleon cake if you have no room left for a post-dinner dessert.

Bring your laptop, and take advantage of the free WiFi at Rex's Deli as you chow down on a corned beef sandwich served with fries made from pure Idaho potatoes. If you prefer to come by before work or school, the locals say the budget-friendly breakfast options, like the egg sandwich and pecan pancakes, can't be beat. Stop by at the right time and you may even get to meet Rex, the friendly man who owns the deli.

When night-time rolls around, folks from Harper Woods meet up at Telly's Place to watch the game and fuel up on jerk chicken salad, olive burgers and spinach-artichoke dip. Members of the middle-aged crowd sometimes head to Goodfella's Lounge instead, where they can sip affordable drinks and listen to the tunes streaming from the jukebox.

Harper Woods does not have any well-known music venues, so locals often take a 20-minute drive to Detroit to visit Harpos. Locals call the venue a dive bar in need of maintenance, but they say that they don't mind because these minor issues contribute to the grungy, free-spirited vibe of the venue. Some folks buy tickets to watch live performances by talented rock bands, while others prefer to come for people watching and strong Long Islands.

History and Culture

Harper Woods became an officially incorporated city in 1951. Approximately 14,000 people live in Harper Woods, and the area has undergone some demographic changes over the years. Around 85 percent of the city's residents were Caucasian in 2000, but the demographics have shifted to include a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. Slightly less than 50 percent of residents identify as Caucasian now, and the remaining 50 percent of the city's population features a blend of residents that come from African American, Asian and Latino families.

Harper Woods has no museums, but locals can take a quick drive to St. Clair Shores to visit the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House. Each year, residents enjoy taking a short trip to nearby Detroit for the Detroit Jazz Festival and the Festival of Birds. During a trip downtown, locals can also visit the Detroit Institute of Arts to view paintings, sculptures and other masterpieces.


Travelers in Harper Woods have numerous transportation options available. Residents can board the SMART at the bus stop near Harper Woods High School for just a few bucks, even if they wish to travel to the other end of the city or get off in downtown Detroit. The wheelchair-equipped PAATS picks up disabled folks and elderly residents for $5 or less, depending upon the distance. Residents can also request a ride via Uber or schedule a pickup from City Cab, a local taxi company.

Some parts of Harper Woods have pedestrian-friendly walkways and traffic signals, but keep an eye on your surroundings if you travel by foot because the area has a crime rate higher than the national average. The city does not have many dedicated bicycle lanes, but bicycle-friendly roads with flat, even terrain extend across a large portion of the area.

Drivers can easily access Interstate 94, the highway which runs through Harper Woods, from various entrance ramps in the city. Visitors to Harper Woods enjoy free parking at most venues, but drivers should expect to pay a fee if they travel to downtown Detroit and use the Eastern Market Garage or Ford Underground Garage. The fee changes, sometimes daily, and may range from a few dollars to $20 or more for special events.


Harper Woods has a cost of living that falls 7 percent below Michigan's average rates. Renters can lease a one-bedroom apartment for around $687 a month, which costs several hundred dollars less than many of the rentals in the Detroit area. A trip to the city's center via public transportation averages about $3, and residents fill up their own vehicles at a price that typically sits about 11 percent lower than the national average. When locals visit bars in the area, they guzzle down budget-friendly drafts that cost around $3 per glass.


Shoppers in Harper Woods find everything from designer clothing to high-end makeup at Eastland Center, a large mall with more than 100 different stores. Ladies flock to Pretty Pieces, a small boutique inside of the mall, for figure-flattering pieces and modern accessories. Eastland Gift Stop sells unique items for birthdays and holidays, while Rainbow Kids makes it easy for parents to find cute, affordable attire for their children.

Grab a loaf of bread and a carton of eggs at chain grocers like Kroger and Save-A-Lot, or support business owners in the community by stocking up on essentials at Family Foods Market. Shoppers who want fresh, local produce and homemade baked goods drive to nearby Eastpointe for the city's farmers' market.


Harper Woods does not have many parks, but residents of this small city often meet at local high schools and middle schools for baseball practice, yoga and cheer practice. The city does not allow dogs at its parks or schools, but pet owners can take their vaccinated furry friends to Bark it Up, Detroit's free dog park.

Johnston Park offers free admission, but families must pay a small fee if they wish to host a picnic. Fitness-minded folks can get in shape by joining one of the softball or basketball teams that practice at Harper Woods High School or Johnston Park. The parks do not host any regular events, but sometimes residents can find craft fairs and workshops at Harper Woods High School.


  • Your Cherry Hill Real Estate salesperson will meet with you to discuss the current market conditions and come up with an effective marketing campaign for your property.
  • Using a Comparable Market Analysis, they can work with you to establish the proper price point.
  • We will make sure your property is shown on multiple platforms and websites, giving your property the largest possible reach.
  • Listing the property through the multi-listing services will also help create new opportunties with real estate professionals across Metro Detroit.
  • Having success during a negotiation is more than just luck or charm. It requires an certain skills to bring about successful conclusion.
  • Your Cherry Hill Real Estate professional is there to help you stay on point with your eye on the objective.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate will also make sure to work with you to make sure all paperwork is presented in a timely manner, helping to make the sale smooth and less stressful.


  • Cherry Hill Real Estate's greatest goal is to help private and institutional property owners and tenants with their real estate and commercial brokerage needs. Cherry Hill Real Estate will go the extra mile to understand each client’s individual needs, and then apply our skills, experience and market knowledge to meet their objectives. Whether you are a small business looking for your first office, a prominent manufacturer trying to locate the ideal production facility, or an investor looking for the right opportunity, Cherry Hill Real Estate can help.
  • The role of the new real estate professional in this modern era is to interpret and analyze this wealth of information for their clients.
  • It is with this goal in mind that Cherry Hill Real Estate operates. We are committed to serving our clients by applying our expertise and knowledge of the markets in which we operate to meet or exceed their expectations.

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    Real Estate Leasing

    Cherry Hill Real Estate represents clients’ worldwide with their lease properties.

  • Using our extensive network of advertising options, we will work to streamline an often-time overwhelming process.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate will work quickly and efficiently to introduce your property to the rental marketplace and cast a wide net for potential tenants.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate’s team will work with you to create a marketing strategy unique to your needs, start social media campaigns and all the advertising sources we know will make the biggest impact.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate presence in the market puts us in a special position to expand the reach and awareness of your property well beyond that of a traditional leasing company.
  • Let Cherry Hill Real Estate help you turn your rental into a high-demand property with an emphasis on great renters!

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    Property Management

    Residential | Commercial

    Cherry Hill Real Estate gives our clients a variety of property management services backed by our almost 30 years of experience and knowledge of our market.

  • In assuming our management responsibilities we work with the client to define goals
  • The scope and experience of our staff allows you to have a specialized team at work on your property’s needs. As a result, you will not find an organization more qualified to handle both the operational and financial management of your property’s physical and financial assets.

  • "You manage your life. We'll manage your properties!"

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    Facilities Management

    Cherry Hill Real Estate’s Facilities Management Team offers a facility management solution for both industrial and commercial clients. Cherry Hill has almost 30 years of management experience and we utilize an integrated facilities management program that allows us to deliver superior support services more proficiently.

  • The Cherry Hill approach to facilities management focuses on creating value for our client, through traditional services and helping to free up capital that may be sent on a full-time employee.
  • Cherry Hill Real Estate’s Facilities Management Team considers this as an integral part of our facility management services.
  • Our in-house teams, and stable of technical experts, can help your business implement building services and equipment management that can head off possible emergencies, optimize the value, facility operating costs and reliability, while at the same time, providing a comfortable, safe and productive work space for your employees and your clients!

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