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About Clawson

Clawson's Website describes itself this way:

The City of Clawson is a small residential community located just north of Detroit and about one mile west of the Chrysler (I-75) expressway. This fully-developed community is 2.2 square miles in area and is bounded by the cities of Troy, Royal Oak, and Madison Heights. Clawson was incorporated as a home rule city in 1940. It is recognized as a progressive community with stable government and excellent services. Volunteers and service clubs play an active role in promoting the community throughout the year with various activities including one of the largest week-long 4th of July celebrations in Michigan.

The downtown area offers a variety of small shops and restaurants. Oakland Mall and the up-scale Somerset Place are just minutes away. Clawson combines small town amenities with convenient access to big city events. According to the most recent estimates, there are approximately 12,000 persons living in Clawson, a density of ten persons per acre. The city experienced its most significant growth during the years of 1950 through 1960. This is also the period during which a large portion of the city’s existing housing was constructed.

Clawson combines the population-attracting factors of good affordable housing, a wide array of quality community services, and a desirable location in the metropolitan area with respect to nearby employment centers. In Clawson, as in most areas throughout the Detroit metropolitan area, property value has risen significantly in recent years. In 2005 the cost of houses in the city ranged from $72,000 to $265,000.

City Hall represents a major focal point within the City of Clawson. Built in 1963, the City Hall occupies a 1.4 acre site located on the west side of N. Main Street, two blocks north of 14 Mile Rd. The site contains a number of civic and governmental activities, including the general city offices, council chambers, and Police department. Located across Main Street from City Hall is Blair Memorial Library and Clawson Historical Museum. The city also owns and maintains the Hunter Community Center located at the end of Fisher Court. The Center contains the Parks and Recreation department offices and is used for adult education courses and other community activities.

Clawson has a volunteer Fire Department which operates out of two fire stations. One station is located on Gardner near Church within the central southeast portion of the city. The second station is contained at the city’s Department of Public Works site which is located at Elmwood and Bywood in the central northeast portion, of the city. All homes are within one mile of a fire station. The largest park is City Park at 36.9 acres and is located in the central northwest portion of the city. City Park contains lighted recreation facilities for active sports (football, basketball, tennis) and open green spaces for picnicking and other leisure activities. Because of several major school sports events, the city's annual July 4th Celebration, and many other community-wide activities take place at City Park, the park is an important focal point of the community.