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More than just collecting rents. Cherry Hill Real Estate gives our clients a variety of property management services backed by our over 25 years of experience and knowledge of our market.

Experienced Property Management

Our Customer Care Team is well versed in the management of real estate in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

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Property Marketing

Cherry Hill Real Estate represents clients’ worldwide with their leasing properties. Using our extensive network of advertising options, we will work to streamline an often-time overwhelming process.

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Cherry Hill Real Estate will work quickly and efficiently to introduce your property to the rental marketplace and cast a wide net for potential tenants.

Cherry Hill Real Estate’s team will work with you to create a marketing strategy unique to your needs, start social media campaigns and all the advertising sources we know will make the biggest impact.

Cherry Hill Real Estate presence in the market puts us in a special position to expand the reach and awareness of your property well beyond that of a traditional property management company.

Let Cherry Hill Real Estate help you turn your rental into a high-demand property with an emphasis on great renters!

Tenant Screening

Cherry Hill Real Estate conducts thorough reference checks through credit reports, former landlords and employers.

We then run potential tenants through a tough screening process to weed out the great tenants from the not-so-great tenants.

Rent Collections

Rent collection starts the moment we sign a lease with a tenant.

Tenants are given a clear set of expectations and are told of the consequences of not living up to those expectations.

Cherry Hill Real Estate take quick action should delinquencies occur.

Most importantly, your tenants answer to us when firmness is required; you are spared uncomfortable confrontations

Property Inspections

Cherry Hill Real Estate will do an initial inspection prior to each tenant’s move in.

Cherry Hill Real Estate will conduct routine periodic inspections. We can also do additional inspections as requested by the owner.

When tenants move out, Cherry Hill Real Estate will do a move out inspection in order to make sure your property is returned in good condition.

Cherry Hill Real Estate maintains photos on all properties to verify condition


Cherry Hill Real Estate will schedule turn-over preparations and obtain a bid when there are major updates needed.

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Cherry Hill Real Estate will schedule necessary maintenance either through our on–staff maintenance department or through our stable of extremely talented and honest group of vendors.

Cherry Hill will respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to perform any maintenance or repair work required for your property.

We will investigate who is responsible for the cost of repair and make sure to bill the tenant where necessary.

We are on call for those emergency repairs

Financial Reporting

Cherry Hill Real Estate will carefully scrutinize your recent performance, thanks to detailed financial reports. All statements are accessible through our on-line portal, 24 hours a day.

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